What is it?

Articlefox allows a group of people to work together on a set of articles. In this group some people write the inital version of an article. Others will revise and discuss the text with the author. Someone else might translate the text into a different language or create a shorter version of it. An last but not least, each version of the inital text has to be proofread before it can be published.

The steps of writing the inital version, discussing the text, translation and correction are common for many types of articles. We call these steps phases of creating an article. Articlefox is a system which lets each article flow through these phases. Articlefox ensures, that each article passes through all the phases, e.g. each text has to be corrected before it can be published, and each phase can be completed by a different person.

Why could it help me?

Where is the Difference?

In three words: Clear, Easy, Specific